Research Based on the Application of Geographic Information System of Prehistoric Archeology in China


Shidong Pei, Qihang Wang


Geographic information system is an important system for geographic data analysis and processing. It involves disciplines in different fields and forms effective geographic information system software, which can be applied to the practice of prehistoric archaeology. Through the application of GIS in different stages of prehistoric archaeology, we can see the importance and scope of GIS. It is found that prehistoric archeology has an inevitable connection with geographic information systems. It has not only become an important tool for prehistoric archeology, but also has been established and comprehensively analyzed in archeological databases. It is also an effective way to comprehensively analyze the ancient people’s living environment and social relationships means. Archaeologists can implement effective archeological conjectures in the process of using geographic information systems. In the process of fine archaeological analysis and site distribution, they can also effectively apply theoretical and practical analysis of geographic information systems to improve archeologists. Study of the actual work effect and archeological environment. Geographic information system not only has an important position in archeology, but should also see its deficiencies in practical applications. Gradually, according to the specific problems existing in prehistoric archeology, effective personnel training and functional analysis of archeological research have achieved different results. The archaeological environment research and reflection at this stage, through the archaeological trials and conjectures of different angles and methods, to achieve the integration of archaeological research resources, and gradually explain the scientific comprehensive analysis of archeology.


prehistoric archeology, geographic information system, application, reflection


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