Exploration and Practice of the Training Mode of New Engineering Talents' Creative Practice Ability

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32629/jher.v1i1.129

Jianyong Li, Jianfeng Li, Zhaoliang Jiang, Zhenjie Zhu, Wenbo Bi


Under the background of new engineering, according to the characteristics of engineering college students, we should cultivate high-level engineering talents with innovative practice ability to meet the needs of enterprises. Aiming at the problem of great investment and little effect in innovation practice teaching reform, this paper adheres to the principle of effectiveness, and combines the characteristics of college students, such as precocious thinking, active thinking, independent personality, impetuous self, eager for quick success and instant benefit, blind self-confidence, strong ability to take an examination. The status quo of serious lack of cognition and experience of engineering practice and its importance and the characteristics of intelligent manufacturing specialty. It is suitable for the cultivation of innovative practice ability of college students and the ways and measures to improve its effectiveness.


new engineering, talents, innovative practice, ability, training mode


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