The Inheritance Form of Chinese Traditional Music under College Music Education System


Jing Li


In colleges and universities music education system, strengthen the inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional music, from the point of view of the school, are beneficial to improve college music education quality and effectiveness, to help colleges and universities music education better and the combination of Chinese traditional music teaching, also help colleges and universities music education to fully absorb the cultural charm of Chinese traditional music and national music elements, enrich the college music education content and education resources, and further promote the college music education and the common development of the Chinese traditional music. From the perspective of students, inheriting traditional Chinese music in the music education system in colleges and universities is conducive to enhancing students' profound understanding of the theoretical knowledge of traditional Chinese music, enabling students to better feel the cultural charm and national connotation of traditional music, and solving the problem of disconnection that appeared in the process of students learning music with the development of traditional music culture.


college music education; Chinese traditional music; inheritance


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