Application of Waterproof Technology in Construction Engineering


Jianglong Du


In building engineering, building waterproofing technology is a comprehensive and highly applied engineering science and technology. It is an important part of construction technology. It is important to improve the function of building use and production, quality of life and improve the living environment. Waterproof engineering is a systematic project, which involves the waterproof material, waterproof engineering design, construction technology, the management of the building and other aspects. The task of building waterproofing project is to synthesize all the above factors, to carry out all-round evaluation, select the high-performance waterproof material to meet the requirements, and carry out reliable, durable, reasonable and economical waterproof function engineering design, careful organization, careful construction, maintenance management system to meet the buildings and structures of the waterproof durability, to achieve high quality waterproofi ng and good comprehensive benefi ts. At the same time, waterproof engineering is a demanding professional technology, so the construction of specialization is to ensure that the quality of roof waterproofi ng works the key, if construction operation is not serious, the technology is not enough, and the consequences will inevitably lead to failure of waterproofing works. Quality of waterproofing works the overall quality requirements of building waterproofi ng works are: impermeable to leakage, to ensure smooth drainage, so that the building has a good waterproof and use function. The quality of building waterproofi ng works is superior to waterproofi ng material, waterproof design, waterproof construction and maintenance management.


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