Design and Realization of Hydraulic Cylinder


Puqing Luo


A device that converts hydraulic energy from a hydraulic cylinder to mechanical energy is known as actuator. The actuator is a direct performer, and has the opposite role of the hydraulic pump from the point of view of energy conversion. According to principle of energy conversion, the actuators can be divided into three types: hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, and swing hydraulic motor (also called swing hydraulic cylinder). The hydraulic motor is a hydraulic actuator that continuously rotates and outputs torque; and the hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator for reciprocating linear motion and output. This manual is of the hydraulic cylinder working environment and requirements to determine the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, carrying capacity which determine the cylinder diameter, wall thickness and piston rod diameter. The process of parts is determined based on the requirements of the hydraulic cylinder parts. Based on the precision requirements of parts, the processing method is determined and is used in the making of process cards to complete the processing of parts.


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