Hydrodynamic Analysis of Gas Flow in Centrifugal Ventilator

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32629/rwc.v1i1.3

Yue Yang


The present study conducted a detailed analytical research from the aspect of hydrodynamics, on the air fl ow of an exhaust fan model selection influenced by model selection. The effects of friction, local resistance, duct diameter and radius of curvature of elbow on air fl ow and pressure of a pipeline system are discussed. The characteristics of centrifugal fan and pipe network of exhaust system, and the relationship between actual resistance and rated fl ow/ pressure are also discussed. Using FLUENT, acomputational fl uid dynamics software, the 3D gas fl ow inside 4-73 №10D centrifugal ventilator was numerically simulated and analyzed, and the pressure and velocity distribution of each part are analyzed emphatically.


Pipe network characteristics; centrifugal fan; three-dimensional numerical simulation; pressure fi eld; fl ow fi eld


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