The Influence of Agricultural Water Conservancy Project on Environment


Lei Yu


In recent years, due to the rapid increase of China's economic level, agriculture and industry have developed vigorously, and the demand for electricity has increased accordingly. Water conservancy project construction investment is also increasing, too much water conservancy construction projects will inevitably affect the natural environment, the human environment. China's water conservancy and hydropower construction is facing a diffi cult task. In terms of environmental impact, compared with other projects, water conservancy and hydropower projects have prominent characteristics: the impact of a wide geographical area, affecting the population, the local social, economic and ecological environment is huge, the external environment on the project also exert a huge impact The At present, the whole society has paid more and more attention to environmental problems, and the environmental quality has become higher and higher. Environmental problems have become one of the restrictive factors in the construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects. As the human environment continues to deteriorate, the public is increasingly concerned about environmental issues and sustainable development. At the same time, people are also aware that the impact of agricultural water conservancy construction on the environment is also twofold, so avoid or mitigate the adverse eff ects, Fully rational use, is the water conservancy workers in the construction of agricultural water conservancy planning must be carefully studied and to solve the important issues.


agricultural water conservancy; ecological environment; infl uence; countermeasures


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