The Related Problems in the Construction of the Rainy Season


Xiaowei Chen


With the continuous development of society and the improvement of people's living standard, the construction scale of construction project is increasing and the construction period also increases. In the construction process, the weather changes are often one of the key factors aff ecting the progress and quality of the project. Rainy season construction is the inevitable problem in the construction process, the rainy season construction facing rain, wind, high temperature and other adverse environmental factors, and can directly endanger the production safety, to the enterprise to bring immeasurable losses, so science reasonable organization of construction, to take security technical measures, and actively respond to the rainy season construction of various dangerous situations, to improve the ability to resist risks, to ensure the safety of production, is of great signifi cance. Based on the theory of construction safety management and the characteristics of rainy season, this paper analyzes and controls according the experience and technical characteristics of engineering construction. To ensure the progress and quality of construction and the safety of construction, the principle of minimizing the loss, put forward the corresponding maintenance measures to enhance the safety of the rainy season construction, to enhance the economic interests of enterprises.


construction project; construction rainy season; construction safety; technology analysis


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